Moving to Auckland?
Here's some tips about living in Auckland
which you may need to know


  • Auckland has a lot of weather. The city sits on a narrow piece of land between 2 very large bodies of water; the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. (In fact there is a walking route which you can follow from one coast to the other). This means that the city has plenty of wind, rain and clouds. Fortunately it doesn’t have snow.


  • It usually feels like it really only has 2 seasons; summer and winter because the spring and autumn seasons tend to be such a gradual change that they are not so distinct.


  • Auckland’s summers are warm but quite humid (it’s all that water again) so they often feel hotter than the temperatures indicate. Fortunately, because of being on that narrow piece of land everyone lives quite close to the coast so cooling off with a swim is easy.


  • Auckland beaches are usually clean and swimming is encouraged. The beaches on the eastern coast are normally gentler and safer than the beaches on the west coast which tend to be more exciting and are recommended for more experienced swimmers.



  • Again the position of Auckland on the narrow isthmus means that it is spread north to south so travelling from one place to another can take quite some time. The southern, central and western suburbs have some rail connections but many commuters use private vehicles and the motorway system. This means that rush hours can become very slow and congested. There is no rail connection to the North Shore but there are buses and ferries.


  • Most Aucklanders travel by private vehicle for work and for pleasure. It creates a chicken and egg situation for public transport i.e. we don’t have a good public transport system because we all use our cars or we all use our cars because we don’t have a good public transport system. 


Village Lifestyle

  • Auckland is a relatively new city with many suburbs outside the central city having been developed since the 1950s. Housing for the many people wanting to live in Auckland has always been the priority. Therefore many areas of Auckland are primarily housing with some shopping areas and recreational facilities rather than areas with their own village type characteristics. This can come as a bit of a surprise to newcomers. However, once you live in an area you will find that there are communities within all suburbs and if you want to become involved there are plenty of opportunities.



  • Auckland has a wide range of people living in it from many races and cultures. This leads to a huge variety of events, festivals, rituals and types of food and shopping being available. It isn’t hard to tour the world in a virtual way by eating, shopping and taking part in events in Auckland every month.


  • Living here gives people a chance to explore the many types of culture and lifestyles which the diversity of people offers. You could save yourself years of travel and tens of thousands of dollars just by getting to know all the different cultures which are part of the city.


Just a few ideas you may find interesting and valuable and which will make the transition of moving here a little easier. If you are new to real estate in Auckland we can help with independent advice about the market too. Check out the homepage to find out more about our services.

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